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Healthy Junkx is a dream project of Shankara Online Solutions. It is a platform which focus on promoting holistic forms of mental wellness, natural wellness, sports fitness and healthy lifestyle. It is an eco-system where common people get seamless access to some of the unique offerings of experts and specialists in various domains, and experts get a platform to showcase and promote their offerings which can potentially help people live stronger, healthier and happier than ever before!

While we intend to bridge the gap and help people live a better quality of life, we also believe, understand and see huge opportunities to take responsibility of helping cancer affected individuals live a better quality of life through our cancer care initiatives.

When it is about cancer care initiatives, it is not always about funding support for cancer treatments, it is also about helping cancer affected individual with right set of guidance and ways which they can adopt to live a better quality of life in their journey during or after the treatment.

With every contribution an expert make by listing their services on our platform, we use a portion of the listing fee towards our cancer care initiative and keep the platform is self-sustainable and continue to reach more and more people in who are in need.

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Our Cancer Care Initiative

When it is about cancer care, there are plenty of charities, NGOs, Crowd funding organizations who help in mobilizing the medical treatment cost. While treatment cost is at one end, on the other end there are so many unattended critical issues that the cancer affected individual and their guardians goes through which is way beyond monitory aspects. Following are the areas of concern that we intend to attend with your valuable support towards our initiative.

At Healthy Junkx, we intend to facilitate cancer affected individual with right guidance from experts, on various supportive therapies which can tremendously help them endure the treatment and manage or nullify the side-effects of conventional line of treatments.

We work very closely with Cancer care specialists and nutritionists who can extend their support in guiding cancer affected individuals with knowledge of food and lifestyle which add significant value in enhancing their quality of life during their journey.

With support of our experts and specialists, we intend to help cancer affected individuals and their guardians with counselling support, mentoring and hand-holding to stay strong emotionally and spiritually, at various stages of life.

We intend to sponsor for the ayurveda and natural forms of supportive therapies and techniques which are scientifically proven tremendously  helpful for both cancer affected and their guardians to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, and physical and emotional trauma due to the disease.

Food intake plays a major role in the journey of a cancer affected, at various stages of life. Relaying on our network of trusted sources of suppliers, producers and manufacturers who can support us with supplies of authentic, natural and organic products, we intend to facilitate the needed ones at a very reasonable cost.

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