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Pradeep G – S&C Coach

Pradeep G is a certified S&C coach (strength and conditioning coach) who is a professional cricketer himself and has represented Karnataka Under-19 after he began playing leather ball cricket only at the age of 15. When asked about how he became a trainer after starting as a professional cricketer, Pradeep said, “Cricket is a passion and I always wanted to be associated with the sport. Therefore, I obtained a certification from the American Council on Exercise and have now embarked on a career as a professional strength and conditioning coach.”

Pradeep G - As Strength and Conditioning Coach

Since becoming a strength and conditioning coach, Pradeep has worked with the Uttar Pradesh Ranji team, Karnataka's Under-16, Under-19 and the Under-25 sides but asserted, “The main problem with them is that they don’t have training history. So, with them I begin talking about the basic movements and also about their general lifestyle. But all the age categories are challenging.”

Sport is a blend of passion, joy and triumph whereas a sportsman is a mixture of talent, determination and fitness. Fitness has always been a key component in the lives of athletes who have achieved great success in their career and people like Pradeep are the ones who help athletes stay fit throughout the onerous season. While talking about his vision, Pradeep added, “I want to work with athletes of different sports and not only cricket”.

If you are a professional sportsperson looking for performance training support, connect to Pradeep to understand more.

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