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Healthy Junkx is unified platform bringing together holistic forms of natural wellness, sports fitness, mental wellness, weight management programs and guilt-free food recipes. It is a dedicated effort to help people make better choice about their health and lifestyle.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between people’s choice to live a healthy life and the best of your expertise which can help them in their journey towards a healthier, stronger and a happier life like never before.

We aggregate to only such experts offering unique services which are hard to find elsewhere on internet. 

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Listing Features

Every expert listed on Healthy Junkx gets a dedicated landing page to showcase their profile and offerings. This include features like - sliding images, video link, social links, external links, long description and pricing.

As a listed expert, you can list your workshops and events on a dedicated event landing page which comes with features like - timer, event banner, event description, location social share buttons, options to redirect to registration links or your website and much more.


Unlike other platforms, we do not charge any sort of commission or any sort of fee whatsoever on bookings and inquiries that is generated for experts listed on our platform. 

We bring in our expertise in digital marketing to help experts who wish to take our support in advertising or promoting their offerings on digital platforms. Experts can opt in for our dedicated paid advertisement campaigns on social media and other digital platforms at an additional cost.

We promote experts listed on our platform by supporting them with:

  • Creative designs
  • Email shout-outs
  • SEO support for better visibility on search engine.
  • Will be a featured listing on Healthy Junkx.
  • Influencer outreach

This support is applicable when you claim your listing on Healthy Junkx.

Listing Benefits

We constantly create relevant content to engage with our target audience on digital platforms. This encourage our audience to visit Healthy Junkx and explore more about services offered by experts on our platform.

In today's digital world, it is very important to frequently engage with your target audience. Generating relevant content to constantly engage with your target audience is a very challenging task. When you list on Healthy Junkx, we make your life easy. We bring in our expertise in digital marketing strategy, content creation, creative designing, marketing communication and Ad campaigning to support experts listed on our platform by marketing their offerings. Experts can also opt in for dedicated Ad campaigning service at an added cost.

Developing a website, managing contents, constant updates and content marketing is a task which require resources with relevant expertise to drive the activity. At Healthy Junkx, we ensure that cost burden is eliminated for those experts who list their offerings on our platform.

When you list on Healthy Junkx, you would not require a website to showcase your offerings. The landing page on Healthy Junkx give room to showcase your offerings with images, description of your services, videos, contact information and external links. When you plan for an event (for example, an online session) or a workshop, it is easy for you to list your event on Healthy Junkx.

We are dedicated to help you reach people in need of your services. Our team of highly professional digital marketing experts work on effective Ad campaign strategies and execute campaigns to generate leads for your services listed on our platform. 

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Limited To First 100 Listings Only

What is the difference?

Free Listing

  • Validity: 2 Months
  • 2 Key service listing
  • Limited Outreach
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Listing Promotions
  • Event Listing

Claimed Listing

INR 1600
  • Validity: 4 Months
  • List up to 4 Services
  • 4 Event Listing / Month
  • Ad Campaign Support
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Listing Promotions

Proceeds from your contribution goes towards cancer care initiatives


Frequently Asked Questions

We identify experts offering unique services and list your service on our platform. When you claim your listing, you are entitled to avail all the benefits that we offer, as long as you are featured expert on Healthy Junkx.

Yes, your listing is valid for 4 months and any further extension of your listing needs to be renewed. You can also choose to upgrade and downgrade at the time of renewal. The listing will be automatically archived on the platform after 3 months of listing. It will only be active once renewed. 

The pricing plan given above is to list your services on Healthy Junkx. Advertising campaigns are not included in the cost. Experts listed on our platform shall contact us to opt in for advertising campaigns which is flexible and completely based on their budget for paid Ads and promotions.

You would have to register as a user and submit your listing. After submission, your listing we will screen the content and curate it to keep up with our platform’s uniqueness. Similarly, the events and workshops you list on our platform is also screened and approved to go live. This process may take 24-48 hours. We do our best to attend to such requests, however we request you to give us the turn around time to serve you better. 

We don’t have a cancellation or refund policy for the listings which are subscribed. It will automatically get archived after 4 months of listing on our platform. You may renew it to continue listing on our platform. However, if your listing of service or event is deviating the services listed for, or violating the terms of use, we may contact you to take necessary actions at your end or go ahead and remove the listing by keeping you informed.

If you want to list more than 4 services on our platform, please feel free to contact us